Finding reliable suppliers for your required screening compounds and building blocks is simple through MolPort’s intelligent and intuitive interface; and selecting and ordering samples is just as easy.

But to ensure maximum project success – on-time delivery of the right compounds in the right amounts and formats, ready for use in screening programs or synthesis robots – requires a lot more attention to detail. There can be additional, potentially time-consuming tasks that divert staff from their key research activities before the received samples can be used, increase costs, and delay project timelines.
Molport laboratory servicesThis is where MolPort’s Laboratory Services can help, by taking on these ancillary tasks so that your scientist can focus on their research. The following services are available:

  • Reweighing and Reformatting
  • Dissolving and Transferring
  • Relabeling
  • Independent Quality Control (QC)
  • Customer Labware Storage

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Reweighing and Reformatting

If you order compounds from several suppliers, you are likely to receive them in vials with different types, sizes, labels. To avoid this issue, MolPort can collect your ordered compounds at our facility and reformat them according to your required format and quantity. We transfer the samples into your pre-weighed vials or a range of other tares from MolPort. As robotic liquid handling methods have improved, smaller amounts of sample may be sufficient for your needs. However, you need to consider how the weighing accuracy may affect the results of your experiments. For example, the median molecular weight of a screening compound in MolPort database is 365 Daltons. To prepare 100 µL 10 mM solution of such typical compound a 0.365 mg sample is required. This is beyond capabilities of analytical balances sometimes used for such sample preparation. We offer two reweighing options with the balance recommendations shown below.

Analytical balances for regular orders with no specific laboratory requirements.

  • Microbalances for orders requiring higher accuracy or when the reweighed/reformatted quantity is < 2 mg.
Type of Balance Readability Standard Deviation Minimum Weight* 95% Minimum Weight* 90%
Analytical Balance 0.01 mg 0.05 mg 2 mg 1 mg
Microbalance 0.001 mg 0.005 mg 0.2 mg 0.1 mg

* Reweighing: for quantities < 10 mg, sample lost is 2 mg. Otherwise it is 5-10% of the total quantity of the target amount that needs to be reweighed.

We offer the following formats and labware.

  • Standardized labware: detailed list
  • Your Vials– you can ship your own vials to MolPort, and we will use them for reweighing or reformatting; or we can request that suppliers do this for you.
  • Specific Microplates on request.
  • Individual caps for each tube, or single seal CapMats for the whole tube-rack are included.
  • You can also request the sealing type (detailed list), specify layout requirements (as empty rows), and detail other individual needs.

What to do if none of the listed labware is suitable for me? 

Upon request, MolPort Lab can purchase any other labware that is not listed above. However, it should be taken into account that the delivery time could be long – from 3 weeks to several months. Therefore, please report in advance if you need to purchase any specific plates or tube-racks. 

Dissolving and Transferring

After samples are weighed, they can optionally be dissolved when you need them in a fixed concentration solution in DMSO (or another solvent). The samples are dissolved to the required concentration and transferred to the specified format in the required volume.
The dissolved samples can be transferred to 96-, 384-, or 1536-well format tube-racks and plates. MolPort uses various dispensing tools with a volume range of 1 µL – 1000 µL for liquid transfers to plates and tube-racks.
Typically 99.9% pure DMSO is used to dissolve samples. Upon request, MolPort can use 99.99% pure deuterated DMSO.


Often suppliers send samples with inconsistent or incomplete labels, which slows receipt, registration, and storage in your laboratory. MolPort can remove this obstacle with a special printer with flexible templates that creates custom labels with all the information you need.
On request, MolPort will remove the old labels, and replace them with new, high quality, durable, informative barcoded stickers.
The new labels can contain information that you specify, including registration data (e.g. CAS Registry Number, barcode) and identification information (e.g. compound name, catalog number, and other data).

Independent Quality Control (QC)

In cases where you want to be sure of the purity of the samples you have ordered, you can request independent QC while your shipment is in transit. The QC results will arrive at the same time as the samples, or shortly after (ca. 1-5 extra business days).
You can specify the following analytical techniques for your ordered samples: 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry(LCMS), and others upon request.

Remember that you will need to order additional material above the base amount if you require QC: 10 mg for NMR, 2 mg for LCMS, and 12 mg for NMR + LCMS.

Customer Labware Storage

Another cost-effective way to save time in getting your samples ready for use, is to send your own labware to MolPort for secure storage. It will the be immediately available for reweighing, reformatting, and/or dissolution as soon as the samples are received. If necessary, MolPort can order any required plates, tube-racks, or vials according to your wishes. MolPort also keeps Matrix tube-racks in stock.
In cases needing rapid delivery, MolPort can offer plates and bottles already in stock if you don’t have them, for immediate delivery; or match with something similar if the exact item is not in stock.

Benefits from Using MolPort’s Laboratory Services

MolPort’s Laboratory Services can take on the intermediate ancillary tasks that are crucial to achieving a smooth and seamless compound sourcing process. They can speed and simplify the logistics pipeline from finding compounds and suppliers through to efficiently receiving the correct samples, clearly identified, with the right purity, and delivered in the right amounts/dilutions in the specified format, ready for immediate use.

By using MolPort’s cost-effective Laboratory Services, you can save time and budget, while ensuring accuracy and precision with your ordered compounds. Outsourcing necessary but mundane sample preparation tasks like QC, reweighing, reformatting, dissolving, and relabeling speeds projects and lets researchers focus on science.

to discuss how you can take advantage of MolPort’s Laboratory Service.