Research and development professionals worldwide are currently facing a perfect storm of supply issues. Costs are soaring, capacity is reduced, paperwork is tricky, and products are routinely getting stuck in customs queues for significant periods of time. To top it off, COVID-19 lockdowns and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine have damaged supply chain reliability even further.

With chemical supply chains strained to an unprecedented level, could now be the perfect time to seek help from procurement specialists?

Partnering with suppliers you can trust

Finding a trustworthy chemical supplier can seem like an impossible task in today’s marketplace. With tedious paperwork, endless red tape, punishing waiting times and poor reliability, it’s no wonder that many people are left feeling frustrated and let down. Finding and appraising new suppliers can be stressful, and may lead to your time and budget being wasted.

At MolPort, we want to alleviate this stress, which is why we undertake a rigorous evaluation process before partnering with our suppliers. Our vetting process prior to working with a new supplier involves:

  • Business evaluation: Key differentials, target customers and stock availability
  • Credibility check: References, public information and sanction lists (company and employee level)
  • Risk evaluation: Confidentiality, controlled substances and IP rights
  • Catalog review: Products, certificates of country of origin, information update frequency, promised lead times and chemical components
  • Systems review: Shipping format, dry-ice shipping and lab capabilities

Once a prospective supplier has passed the initial vetting procedure, they enter a “test phase”, whereby a range of products are purchased and evaluated for quality control, lead time, and response time for queries, escalations, and errors. We then undertake a detailed legal consultation before onboarding and integration into our platform. Once on board, all of our partner suppliers are continually monitored for their performance, and we have developed a tiered scoring system that ranks suppliers based on their data catalogue, supply time, historic track record and many other parameters.

With a single search on our database, you will get instant results from over thoroughly vetted 70 suppliers. We have made our supplier ranking as transparent as possible, and this can be easily viewed next to each of our partner suppliers following a search on our platform. We do this to empower our customers to make informed decisions when assessing which supplier to choose.

Helping you through uncertain times

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has impacted global supply chains of countless goods, and chemical supply is no exemption. Today, researchers are facing unprecedented challenges with chemical supply from/through the Eastern European region, compelling many to switch to chemical suppliers outside of Europe.

Because we have a global network of partner suppliers, the impact of such unforeseeable events on your chemical supply can be vastly reduced. We maintain our database such that there will often be a trustworthy and swift-responding alternative should one of our partners face unexpected difficulties. Now more than ever before, our customers are seeking additional assurance that their suppliers are not facing sanctions or in any way supporting war or corruption. Our thorough vetting process and continuous performance evaluation of suppliers serve to protect our customers from any such uncertainties.

Check out our smart procurement platform today!

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  • Your items will be consolidated into a single package and tracked throughout the shipping process.

No more waiting in the dark. So why go through the stressful and arduous task of sourcing chemicals by yourself when you can trust 15 years of experience and a growing network of over 70 partner suppliers worldwide?

Try searching our platform today and see how we can help you to make chemical supply woes a thing of the past.