If the products are not delivered or you are not satisfied with quality, we can help fix it. The guarantee applies to products purchased from any seller at MolPort and covers up to USD 2000.

The MolPort Guarantee may protect a buyer purchasing products via the MolPort where the payment for the products is made via MolPort and:

  • The products are not delivered to the buyer (and they will be deemed to be undelivered if they are not received by the buyer within 30 days following the last due date for delivery);
  • The products delivered to the buyer are materially different from the products ordered; or
  • The products delivered to the buyer are not of a satisfactory quality

The MolPort Guarantee will only apply where:

  • The buyer has contacted the seller to request a refund (or other appropriate remedy) within 7 days of the receipt of products (or, where products have not been received, within 7 days of the due date of receipt); and
  • The seller has refused to provide and has not in fact provided a refund (or other appropriate remedy).

MolPort will determine in its sole discretion – but considering any information and evidence submitted by or on behalf of the buyer and the seller – whether products delivered are “materially different from products ordered” and whether products delivered are of a “satisfactory quality”.