Are you placing at least five building block or screening compound orders in a month? From emailing procurement for purchase approval and requesting quotes, to waiting for order confirmation and manually submitting POs to suppliers to align with internal procurement requirements. There’s a lot of manual effort required on your behalf!

Punchout catalogues, also known as PunchOut websites, are a method that allows you – the purchaser – to buy from a supplier’s website from within your own procurement application or hosted e-procurement system. (E.g., SAP Arriba; Coupa, SciQuest [Jaggaer], Oracle Fusion, Cloud Procurement). Not only do PunchOut catalogues recreate the easy feeling of regular online shopping but, most importantly, they also cut down on a lot of time-consuming manual processes.

How MolPort punchout works

At MolPort, we are dedicated to making your chemical procurement process as simple as possible. As such, we’ve already developed PunchOut catalogues for many of our customers across a number of popular procurement systems. This is resulting in enhanced productivity due to:

  • Faster, more accurate and compete purchase orders, requisitions, and invoices.
  • Rapid access to MolPort’s up to date catalogue (70% daily updated price and stock information) for 365,000 building blocks, 3.7 million screening compounds from 70+ suppliers.
  • The ability to work within your procurement application using the intuitive interface, navigation and tools you’re used to!

Tired of bouncing back and forth emails with your procurement? Suggest punchout integration with MolPort and save days of tedious research time. Get in touch with us here.