We are pleased to unveil an exciting addition to Molport’s platform that will enhance how you search for stock building blocks. Introducing the Functional Groups Directory, a powerful resource designed to simplify your compound exploration process.

The Functional Groups Directory page on our website organizes compounds based on their functional groups, giving a structured approach to finding building blocks that align with your synthesis goals. This directory provides a comprehensive overview of functional groups, including alcohols, amines, carboxylic acids, halogens, and many others. Each group with commercially available compounds is available through a downloadable SDfile with structures, price ranges, and lead times.

To access the Functional Groups Directory, simply visit Molport’s website and explore the range of available structures. Each functional group is categorized, so you can swiftly navigate to the areas of interest and discover compounds that may be relevant to your research projects and synthetic goals.

This new feature aims to streamline your search process, making it more efficient and targeted. Whether you are assessing compounds with specific functional groups or broadening your research scope by uncovering new possibilities, the Functional Groups Directory empowers you to find the best compounds that drive your research forward.

We invite you to dive into the Functional Groups Directory and unlock a wealth of compound options to achieve your research goals.