We’re so excited to introduce our uplifted brand and website: easier-to-use, simpler to navigate, and still as informative – all wrapped in a fresh new look. We hope you like it as much as we do!

But if you’ve found yourself asking why and how things have changed or what this means for you – don’t worry, this blog has got you covered.

Marking 15 years of simpler compound sourcing!

You know us for compound sourcing.

If we take you back 15 years, to the time when Molport was founded, compound sourcing was complicated – to say the least. Supplier chemical catalogues were confusing and often inaccurate, purchasing steps were varied and unclear, and lead times were extensive.

MolPort 15th anniversary

So, Molport was founded with a mission: to turn this complex, fragmented compound market into an easy-to access, data-driven marketplace where sourcing chemicals and reagents is as simple as everything else online.

And over the past 15 years, we’ve worked hard to do just this. We’ve built an intelligent platform that provides access to over 4.6 million unique stock screening compounds, 410 thousand stock building blocks, and over 1 billion virtual products from more than 70 global chemical suppliers – all through a single portal.

It’s like having a direct line to the global marketplace.

As well as providing the luxury of choice, our large network of trusted and fully vetted suppliers provides stability and reliability in an otherwise complex marketplace with many players and moving parts. In other words, we’ve got alternative suppliers on speed dial in the event of any unforeseen emergency. Plus, we have the inside scoop on all their fulfilment capabilities – so, you’ll know their stock capacity before even placing an order.

What’s more, from intuitive search tools and expert supply chain managers who can take care of your entire project to lab facilities for reformatting your compounds, we’ve developed numerous simple, smart solutions to search, order and receive deliveries in the ways that you want them.

Our smart platform saves scientists time, hassle and expense, leaving them to focus on what they do best – the science! And by simplifying market access to smaller suppliers, a centralized marketplace encourages a greater diversity and availability of chemicals.

All this means better science and accelerated drug discovery!

But this is just the start…

As times change, so do the demands of science, technology and the people working in the industry. We’ve been so focused on making compound sourcing simple and ensuring it meets the demands of the modern day that our image has taken a back seat.

Until now!

Marking 15 years of hard work, our brand-new look now reflects our industry-leading services and flexible, forward-thinking approach to compound sourcing.

While our website and branding have got a fresh coat of paint, here at MolPort, we’re just as passionate about providing scientists with simple compound sourcing solutions – from start to finish. We’re continuing to use our rich market data and experience, extensive vetted supplier network, and proven values and tools to make complicated global compound sourcing a thing of the past.

A thank you from our CEO!

“Molport had humble beginnings, but has always had a big heart and big dreams. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for all the dedicated individuals that are the lifeblood of the company. Equally, we need to acknowledge our customers and our suppliers. Thank you for supporting us as we grew our services – trying out new ideas, keeping what works, and always seeking to improve. Now, we look towards the next 15 years – the continuation of an exciting journey, together” – Imants Zudans, CEO.

Your Molport, but better.