You have used our commercially available compound database to look up chemical suppliers for your research project. Many of you have trusted Molport with your chemical sourcing tasks. While you were simply using Molport to get the products you need, your visits to our website helped us to test, improve performance, and demonstrate to investors that scientists find our database useful. Your support has far exceeded our expectations!

Thousands of people visit every day. Every month, we have gotten about 30% more visitors than the previous month! Hundreds of you ordered products through Molport last year. You simply used the easiest and most cost-efficient way to order these chemicals and we could start testing the upcoming store with real purchases. Not all orders were as smooth as we would have preferred, but we did everything we could to not only meet, but also to exceed your expectations. How did we do it? Here is some feedback from our users.

We have been sourcing chemicals now for over 3 years. Often, Molport is the last resort for clients in search of rare chemicals. Clients come to us when companies listed online don’t respond to their inquiries, or when they get the disappointing news that a chemical many companies claimed to have in stock is unavailable. These are often difficult sourcing jobs. And we are indeed grateful to all of our clients for these hard lessons! While helping them, we found many small, reliable chemical suppliers (and also found out which suppliers could not be relied on).

Our sourcing services are a good way to order very rare chemicals. Still, this process is not ideal when reagents are needed relatively urgently or when chemists planning syntheses need to know immediately which building blocks are readily available. From the very beginning, our goal has been to open an online store where both prices of chemicals and shipping dates are clearly listed. Page by page, we kept developing the website. First, it was just a relatively small molecule database with several dozen suppliers listed. Search capabilities have always been excellent thanks to the powerful ChemAxon tools. Then, we added the “request quote” buttons and started processing your orders. While you were buying chemicals through Molport, our programmers silently kept developing the molecule shop.

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