MolPort is pleased to announce the opening of US-based MolPort Inc. to streamline compound ordering and payment for its many US customers.
By placing orders and processing payments via MolPort Inc., US-based customers will benefit from faster and more efficient chemical sourcing.
No More Customs Headaches
For US customers, understanding the various international customs rules and procedures is daunting, navigating chemical orders through the custom mazes can be frustrating and time consuming, and the smallest error can potentially hold up shipments or incur additional charges.
Orders placed through MolPort Inc. will have all the required international customs formalities taken care of, and so packages will sail through customs without delay or additional costs, saving time in preparing customs documentation and speeding the arrival of needed compounds.
Seamless Payment Options
As anyone who has tried to transfer money internationally from the USA knows, the process is complicated and more expensive than making a local payment.
With MolPort Inc., customers can pay for orders by cheque from a US bank, or they can get a quote online, provide a Purchase Order, and have it processed via MolPort Inc. – saving time and costs by avoiding an international funds transfer.
I’m a US customer: how do I interact with MolPort Inc.?

For optimal experience in placing your first order via MolPort Inc., we suggest that your procurement specialist gets in contact with us to open a new supplier account.

They will need to complete and provide the following documents/information so that we can add you to our procurement system:

  • W-9 form
  • Employee Identification Number (EIN)
  • Tax-exempt status, if relevant
The MolPort Inc. W-9 form can be requested by email.
With MolPort Inc. open for business, our US customers can now enjoy faster and more time- and cost-efficient chemical ordering to better support their research.
For more information on MolPort Inc., please contact us