A round-up of recent publications describing MolPort’s contributions to cutting-edge R&D projects

We recently described two publications which cited the use of MolPort’s database of natural and natural-like products (a) to create a small, diverse yet representative set of available compounds, and (b) in the search for potential Covid-19 therapeutics.

In this post, we are pleased to share details of other recent articles, papers, and books which discuss the use of MolPort’s range of databases and services to assist in R&D efforts, and exemplify MolPort’s commitment to simplifying and streamlining available compound location and acquisition.

Hunting for reliable suppliers of large numbers of diverse structures, and then negotiating prices, specifying required purity levels and sample formats, as well as dealing with customs forms and other paperwork are time-consuming and a drag on leading-edge research: so researchers in biopharma, academia, and government institutes are increasingly turning to MolPort to address these challenges across multiple applications and disciplines.

In the papers and books mentioned below, the MolPort database is often cited as a rich source of available diverse structures for use in in silico drug design1, modelling and simulation2, and virtual screening6,7,8,10. The MolPort database is also used to supply hard-to-find intermediates for planned syntheses4 and as samples for testing in bioassays5, including against Covid-199.

If you are interested in MolPort’s array of compound acquisition services, please contact us.

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