Have you ever purchased 50, 100 or 1000 screening compounds? Usually such purchases involve from 10 to as many as 30 suppliers. At first, the biggest challenge seems to be understanding which supplier sells which compound, but during the process you encounter a series of various unexpected obstacles and complications that you initially did not even consider.

Since MolPort serves numerous clients who have not previously purchased large quantities of screening compounds, we decided to share our experience. We have compiled a daily journal of the problems we have encountered not in one specific instance, but rather in the many situations in which we have found ourselves. Some of the problems were suggested by our clients. In your attempt to purchase screening compounds you may encounter only some of these problems. If your order is placed by your purchasing department, they take on the responsibility of resolving these problems and you will never even know about them.

With this I would like you to understand that we know the details and nuances of purchasing screening compounds. We know that these procedures are often very time consuming especially if you desire to purchase a greater variety of molecules. That is precisely why we created Molport – to make purchasing compounds as easy as purchasing books in Amazon.

We invite you to read our daily „Purchasing 150 screening compounds” journal. We will not publish it in its entirety all at once, but rather by day – the way things happen in reality.

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