May 25, 2020

Useful updates- MolPort web tools

Searching in the MolPort database is often the first thing a scientist or researcher does when they want to find available compounds and suppliers. Searchers need quick, simple and intuitive access; they expect to search intelligently by name, structure/substructure/similarity (drawn, SMILES/SMARTS, file) and to filter by building blocks/screening compounds; and they want to understand, explore, and use the hits they get back. 
Because searching is such an important activity, MolPort is continually working to enhance the feature. This ensures that customers can have the fastest and most intuitive experience, and can make quick and immediate use of the search results to refine a hit list or place an order. 
Customer feedback is crucial in improving features and many of our most useful enhancements have come from customer suggestions of tweaks and changes that will make them more efficient and successful. 

We are therefore pleased to announce some valuable customer-suggested changes that will improve compound selection and usability:
1. Molecule Search Results
2. List Search 

1. Changes to Molecule Search Results

After you have run a compound search (via text, (sub)structure, SMILES/SMARTS or file), the hits are displayed in either a list view or a grid view, with a toggle to switch the view:
List and Grid View Toggle
List view
Grid view

In both these views, you can select and deselect compounds, and you can filter on in-stock and made-to-order compounds. You can also save all compounds or your selection to an SDfile.
Previously, you could not transfer hit from the List View direct to List Search. If you wanted to transfer all the compounds or your selection to List Search so that you could generate a quote, use more advanced filters, and place your order, this was only possible by downloading all the results and making the selection and transfer locally on your PC. Customers told us that this was inconvenient and time-consuming, and asked for a fix. 

NEW! Now you can transfer your selected compounds to List Search with one click on “Transfer selected to List Search” and immediately use List Search to make a final selection, estimate price with optimal for the whole list supplier selection, and create a quotation.

2. Changes to List Search

In the previous List Search user interface, customers reported some confusion in the structure display boxes: were they looking at the hit structure (the result of the search), or the query structure (what was searched for)? 
List Search Results Display: was not visible what structure was searched for?
 NEW! To remove this confusion, we have added a “Show Structure Images” checkbox that now displays an image of each searched structure:
Show Structure Images unchecked (Default setting) 
Show Structure Images checked
In addition, if you click on the “Edit” button in the “Status” column, you will see compound images for the relevant suppliers’ catalogs:
Click Edit to see Supplier Catalog Display
NEW: Customers also requested the ability to display and sort on molecular weight in the List Search Results display, and this now appears as a sortable column on the right.

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If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to ask help to our Customer Support team on or by filling this web form.

May 5, 2020

MolPort Real-time Order Tracking and Documentation

With the MolPort order tracking system, customers can see where their order is at any point in time - from when an order is placed until it is delivered. Keep up to date with your order!

If you have used MolPort order tracking before, please see the changes for registered/non-registered access and report sections 3 and 5.

The order tracking service is available to everyone who places an order with us.

Registered users at have access to their complete order, including order packing data download, product list and information about invoices. If a customer is not registered, this can be easily done using this free Registration link.

Non-registered users can access their current order only. They can see an overview of the order: number of items, status, latest delivery date and shipment summary.

Preview of non-registered user access:

Preview of registered user access:

Report sections:

No.1 Order tracking

Overview of order: number of items, status, latest delivery date and shipment summary. A download link to a spreadsheet with the detailed status for all ordered products is also available.

No.2 Order status

As order transitions from one phase to the next, completed order process stages are marked green. Order may transition through following stages (actual order stages vary by order):

Order received
order has been received, registered and processed by MolPort
Compounds processing
compounds are being processed by suppliers (QC, packaging, shipment preparation)
package has been prepared and is waiting for the shipment
In transit
compounds are in transit from supplier to MolPort warehouse
In MolPort Warehouse
compounds have been received at MolPort warehouse and are waiting for the shipment or additional services
compounds have been received at MolPort warehouse and are being re-formatted in customer’s preferred format – re-weighing, sample splitting, DMSO solutions
compounds are shipped out to customer address
number of ordered compounds that cannot be delivered and have been cancelled from the order

No.3 Invoices

An overview of the order invoice details, including the Billing and Shipping addresses and contact person. Prior to order shipment, there is an estimated invoice value. After the order is shipped, the actual invoice number, issue date and value will be visible.

No.4 Shipment summary

A shipment summary becomes available after a package is sent out to customer address. This includes:
  • Shipping courier name;
  • Shipment type (direct shipments from suppliers or single shipment from MolPort warehouse);
  • Tracking number (including a link to real time tracking at the courier’s website);
  • Packing list (packing data as Excel and SDF files).

No.5 Detailed delivery progress

The delivery progress report section lists the status of each ordered product. You can filter the product list by:
Supplier name
Status (In transit, Shipped, Cancelled, Processing, in MolPort warehouse)
Ordered amount
Expected and actual ship date
Invoice number and courier tracking number

We are able to follow and provide insight into the status of the order through its entire journey to the customer.


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