March 24, 2020

MolPort is here to help

As MolPort is based in Riga, we’re happy to report that the Latvian authorities took correct, early, proactive measures (before many European and other countries) and the corona virus situation seems to be under control so far – though we are all watching to see how things may develop. 

At MolPort we are working 100% as usual. As well as following all public recommendations, we’re taking special preventative measures for our employees: and we’re monitoring the activities, performance, and individual circumstances at all our suppliers, in order to anticipate any potential changes in your orders. 

We are committed to our employees’ safety and well-being, while at the same time running the business in a responsible manner with all our functions and services working normally. We hope that the circumstances will eventually improve for everybody around the world.

MolPort Services- last update 26.08.2020 and is valid until further notice

We understand customers’ requirements to minimize disruption to your research programs, and we are available to offer whatever help you need for regular orders, library design data, consulting, sample sourcing, ordering, reformatting, and logistics. 
We are working as normal with all orders and inquiries.

  • Our Customer Support and Key Account Manager teams are fully available during office hours, as responsive as always.
  • The Laboratory is running ongoing daily reformatting operations.
  • Logistics: There are no limitations in shipping service. 
Using consolidated delivery from MolPort instead of receiving many packages from different suppliers might be of particular value now, as some companies are restricting parcel delivery to a maximum per day.

  • Suppliers
GreenSupplier is working as usual
Light greenSupplier is working, some minor delays are possible
RedSupplier is closed

SupplierColor codeNotes
A2B Chem LLC
AK Scientific, Inc.
AKL Research LLP
Alinda Chemical
Trading Company
AnalytiCon Discovery, GmbH
Angene (China)
Apexmol technology Co.,Ltd
Apollo Scientific
Axon Medchem
BIONET - Key Organics Ltd.
BIOTREND Chemicals, AG
BLD Pharmatech Ltd.
Cayman Europe
Certumtech, UAB
ChemBridge CorporationOnly ships once a week
ChemDiv, Inc.
Combi-Blocks, Inc.
Debye Scientific
Dr. Silviu Pharmachem
EDASA Scientific
ENAMINE Ltd.Short delays with shipping are possible
EvoBlocks, Ltd.
FCH Group (made-to-order)
Fluorochem Limited
HTS Biochemie Innovationen
InterBioScreen Doo.Short delays with shipping are possible
IRIS Biotech
Keminntek Laboratories
LeadGen Labs
Life Chemicals Inc.
Manchester Organics
Maybridge, Ltd.
MedChemExpress EuropeShort delays with shipping are possible
MolPort, Ltd.
Otava, Ltd.
PBMR Labs Ukraine (made-to-order)
Pharmeks, Ltd.Short delays with shipping are possible
Pure Chemistry Scientific
Ramidus AB
Selleck Chemicals LLC
Squarix GmbH
SynChem, Inc.
Tocris Bioscience
UkrOrgSynthesis Ltd. (stock)Short delays with shipping are possible
Vitas-M Laboratory, Ltd.Short delays with shipping are possible
If any of our suppliers faces closure, our extensive coverage should allow us to source any needed compounds from many other suppliers.

Frequently asked questions

1. What happens if at some point I can't receive my package?

If the recipient can't temporarily receive parcels, that's OK: the packages won’t get stuck in limbo. MolPort can store your orders free of charge for a few weeks if there are issues when we are ready to ship your compounds, such as your logistics facility being closed. Once we get your green light, we’ll ship safely to the destination.

2. What happens to my order if some compounds are delayed in a multiple-compound order? Can the delivery be split or sent as a partial delivery? Are there additional costs for splitting?

MolPort will be tracking the fulfillment of your order, and we will contact you promptly if any supplier cannot make a shipment in the expected time frame. If any part of the order is delayed, we will offer a split shipment at no additional delivery cost.

3. If a supplier is closed, will I still see their compounds in search results?

Their compounds still will be visible in our searches: but the lead time will be an estimate, based on when we think they will open.

4. What will happen to my order if national borders are closed?

For now they are not closed for logistics, and if a supplier can’t ship, we can substitute the supplier, if possible. If a supplier can ship, but MolPort can’t, we would organize drop-shipping. If a supplier can ship but the client can’t receive the shipment, we can hold it in our warehouse. 

5. How should I purchase compounds, in order to receive them in the fastest possible time?

Check the most recent lead time for the supplier. We will update supplier lead times based on the latest information that we receive from them. And read our Blog update for specific supplier details and information.

6. What will happen to my order if I order from a specific supplier, and they can’t ship?

We can switch the suppliers, if the customer is willing to accept any price differences, and if the compound(s) are actually available at different suppliers.

7. What are MolPort doing to stay open and continue operations?  What precautions are MolPort taking and how?

We are following all government and World Health Organization guidelines. 

!!! Please add your question in the comment area, and we will post the answer in the Blog


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