June 11, 2019

MolPort real time order tracking and documentation

MolPort order tracking system allows the customer to gain insight into where their order is at any given point in time. From the time an order is placed until it is delivered. Be up to date with your order!

Order tracking service is available to everyone placing orders with us.

Registered users at molport.com have access to their complete order history and associated documentation.

Non-registered users are given access to their current order only.

Report sections:


No.1 Order tracking

An overview of the order, including the Billing and Shipping addresses and the download link of a spreadsheet with the detailed status for all ordered products.

No.2 Order status

As order transitions from one phase to the next, completed order process stages are marked green. Order may transition through following stages (actual order stages vary by order):

Order received
order has been received, registered and processed by MolPort
Compounds processing
compounds are being processed by suppliers (QC, packaging, shipment preparation)
package has been prepared and is waiting for the shipment
In transit
compounds are in transit from supplier to MolPort warehouse
In MolPort Warehouse
compounds have been received at MolPort warehouse and are waiting for the shipment or additional services
compounds have been received at MolPort warehouse and are being re-formatted in customer’s preferred format – re-weighing, sample splitting, DMSO solutions
compounds are shipped out to customer address
number of ordered compounds that cannot be delivered and have been cancelled from the order

No.3 Shipment summary

A shipment summary becomes available after a package is sent out to customer address. This includes:
  • Shipping courier name;
  • Shipment type (direct shipments from suppliers or single shipment from MolPort warehouse);
  • Tracking number (including a link to real time tracking at the courier’s website);
  • Packing list (packing data as Excel and SDF files).

No.4 Detailed delivery progress

The delivery progress report section list status of each ordered product. You can filter the product list by:
  • Supplier name;
  • Status (In transit, Shipped, Cancelled, Processing, in MolPort WH);
  • Ordered amount;
  • Ship out date.

We are able to follow and provide insight into the status of the order through its entire journey to the customer.


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