November 12, 2019

Announcing Screening Compound Solubility Crowdsourcing

Today MolPort is launching a new initiative with the goal of crowdsourcing screening compound solubility. This blog post explains why. You are welcome to use one of these quick links for navigation to the right resource.

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About the initiative

One of the issues that screening compound buyers bring up most frequently is compound solubility. It used to be discussed at compound management conferences. Scientists and compound managers estimate that 1-5% of the compounds they purchase for their screening projects or compound libraries can not be dissolved. For large library acquisitions this is sort of an annoying fact of life. You spend time to carefully build your library – perform diversity analysis and choose compounds carefully to represent as broad a chemical space as possible. And then when you procure the compounds you get out-of-stock cancellations, QC failures and insoluble compounds. The chemical space puzzle you labored so carefully to cover in full ends up having blank spots. While you do not pay for cancelled compounds and get a refund for QC-failed compounds, there are usually no guarantees that a compound is soluble and therefore you end up paying for samples that you can not use. Therefore, this category is a real budget-waster.

Large compound libraries typically have multiple similar compounds. Cancellation of any single compound may not affect screening results significantly. As in-silico modeling algorithms improve and are augmented by machine learning algorithms, the typical size of a screening library is shrinking. The loss of data points for any reason is therefore more important. Losing a few data points because of compound insolubility may mean that you need to buy another set of compounds, wait for their delivery and screening results.

We are working to increase screening compound sourcing ease and efficiency: reducing lead times, minimizing cancellations with more up-to-date inventory data, reformatting of samples. However, compound insolubility is still a common concern. Software tools predicting compound solubility are constantly improving. We have seen how their use makes a real improvement. Yet, they do not yet have a perfect prediction capability. Why can't solubility be measured? It is a complex test and it would be expensive and time consuming to run it on 7 million commercially available compounds.

Most often, screening compounds are dissolved in DMSO. Currently 10mM concentration seems to be the industry standard. A precise solubility value is not needed. All one needs to know when buying compounds for screening is whether it is possible to create their 10mM DMSO solution.

Pharmaceutical companies, academic and non-profit screening institutes and other R&D centers have been buying screening compounds for over a decade. It is reasonable to assume that nearly every compound suppliers’ list in their catalogs has been purchased and attempted to dissolve. Information systems of organizations are full of data: what is soluble and what is not. Yet, apart from a few mentions in publications, this information is locked up and inaccessible. Organizations continue to waste their resources on compounds that someone already tried and failed to solubilize.

We at MolPort have discussed compound solubilization issues with our clients. What can we do to help scientists around the world to avoid buying not fit for purpose compounds? One way to do that is to create a compound solubility data bank. Several of our clients agreed to share their data with us. We already know which compounds they ordered, so confidentiality is not an issue. We combined data from multiple sources and incorporated this information on our website and downloadable data. You can read more about it on a documentation page. These data are available free of charge to anyone interested. Currently we have data on about 1/7 of the stock compounds listed in the MolPort database. These data may not be perfect. Use it as a guide. We internally at MolPort do not say a compound is insoluble, we say that solubilization problems were reported by a client. So don't use this data as a training set for solubility software. It is not meant for that. But the label name aside, it may be safer to choose a soluble analogue of a compound with reported solubilization problems, when that is possible.

How to contribute

And now the important part. We know that not every organization will be able to share their data. But everyone can benefit from knowing compound solubility. We lack data for 6 million compounds. Please, contribute your data to this pre-competitive initiative. If you can't share data, talk about this project to someone who can share. It does not matter that you have few data – you may have data on compounds that no one else has covered. Help us spread the message. The more organizations that participate, the quicker we will cover all commercially available compounds.

Do you have suggestions for improvements or questions? If so, please, use the blog comments below this post or contact MolPort privately.

A data template, to share solubility data for addition to the online MolPort database, together with more details about database is available on MolPort Solubility Center.

We will use hashtag #CompoundSolubility to share news about this project.

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Imants Zudāns

October 24, 2019

MolPort 2019 Christmas & New Year's Holiday Schedule

MolPort offices will be closed on December 24th, 25th and 26th for Christmas, as well as December 31st and January 1st for New Year's Day.

Please note: Holiday schedules vary by supplier. Please, review these shipment cutoffs for our major suppliers.

August 6, 2019

MolPort Inc. – now open for faster, more efficient chemical sourcing in the USA

MolPort is pleased to announce the opening of US-based MolPort Inc. to streamline compound ordering and payment for its many US customers.

By placing orders and processing payments via MolPort Inc., US-based customers will benefit from faster and more efficient chemical sourcing.

No More Customs Headaches

For US customers, understanding the various international customs rules and procedures is daunting, navigating chemical orders through the custom mazes can be frustrating and time consuming, and the smallest error can potentially hold up shipments or incur additional charges.
Orders placed through MolPort Inc. will have all the required international customs formalities taken care of, and so packages will sail through customs without delay or additional costs, saving time in preparing customs documentation and speeding the arrival of needed compounds.

Seamless Payment Options

As anyone who has tried to transfer money internationally from the USA knows, the process is complicated and more expensive than making a local payment.
With MolPort Inc., customers can pay for orders by cheque from a US bank, or they can get a quote online, provide a Purchase Order, and have it processed via MolPort Inc. – saving time and costs by avoiding an international funds transfer.

I’m a US customer: how do I interact with MolPort Inc.?

For optimal experience in placing your first order via MolPort Inc., we suggest that your procurement specialist gets in contact with us to open a new supplier account.

They will need to complete and provide the following documents/information so that we can add you to our procurement system:

o W-9 form
o Employee Identification Number (EIN)
o Tax-exempt status, if relevant

The MolPort Inc. W-9 form can be requested by email.

With MolPort Inc. open for business, our US customers can now enjoy faster and more time- and cost-efficient chemical ordering to better support their research.

For more information on MolPort Inc., please contact us 

June 11, 2019

MolPort real time order tracking and documentation

MolPort order tracking system allows the customer to gain insight into where their order is at any given point in time. From the time an order is placed until it is delivered. Be up to date with your order!

Order tracking service is available to everyone placing orders with us.

Registered users at have access to their complete order history and associated documentation.

Non-registered users are given access to their current order only.

Report sections:


No.1 Order tracking

An overview of the order, including the Billing and Shipping addresses and the download link of a spreadsheet with the detailed status for all ordered products.

No.2 Order status

As order transitions from one phase to the next, completed order process stages are marked green. Order may transition through following stages (actual order stages vary by order):

Order received
order has been received, registered and processed by MolPort
Compounds processing
compounds are being processed by suppliers (QC, packaging, shipment preparation)
package has been prepared and is waiting for the shipment
In transit
compounds are in transit from supplier to MolPort warehouse
In MolPort Warehouse
compounds have been received at MolPort warehouse and are waiting for the shipment or additional services
compounds have been received at MolPort warehouse and are being re-formatted in customer’s preferred format – re-weighing, sample splitting, DMSO solutions
compounds are shipped out to customer address
number of ordered compounds that cannot be delivered and have been cancelled from the order

No.3 Shipment summary

A shipment summary becomes available after a package is sent out to customer address. This includes:
  • Shipping courier name;
  • Shipment type (direct shipments from suppliers or single shipment from MolPort warehouse);
  • Tracking number (including a link to real time tracking at the courier’s website);
  • Packing list (packing data as Excel and SDF files).

No.4 Detailed delivery progress

The delivery progress report section list status of each ordered product. You can filter the product list by:
  • Supplier name;
  • Status (In transit, Shipped, Cancelled, Processing, in MolPort WH);
  • Ordered amount;
  • Ship out date.

We are able to follow and provide insight into the status of the order through its entire journey to the customer.


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