May 3, 2017

Drawing Tricks for More Effective Substance Online Ordering - Webinar presentation

On April 27th MolPort and ChemAxon held a joint webinar, aimed at helping scientists master the MolPort chemical structure search interface. ChemAxon's Marvin JS is a state of the art chemical structure editor that is integrated into MolPort’s web interface to query the commercially available compound space. In the course of this webinar, you will be walked through the basic structure search editor interface on, will pick up productivity tips and advanced structure query capabilities.

 View the recorded webinar video presentation:

Visit  Marvin JS user guide and query strategies for additional documentation.


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  2. Wow, thank you! Just what I was looking for. But I use PubChem Sketcher. Is it very different from Marvin JS? In they only use PubChem...



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