May 16, 2012

On our chemical supplier catalog updates. Again...

A year ago I wrote that for your chemical sourcing to be as reliable and practical as possible, it is essential to have an up-to-date compound database. Monthly or even quarterly catalog updates sound reliable enough to most computational chemists. But that is just because historically computational chemists were lucky to have an annual update that was not “polluted” with made-to-order compounds.
Ever needed 10 mg of compounds but were told that only 7 are available, or maybe just 4!? If you know the available amount of the compound for each supplier, you can pick the one that has enough in the warehouse. What if it is 10 dollars more expensive!? It is the only available purchase option!
Two factors contribute to reliable ordering:
  • Information is updated frequently;
  • Warehouse inventory is known. 
After a year’s work, among other things, we have negotiated daily warehouse inventory synchronization with four suppliers (ChemDiv, Enamine, Life Chemicals, Specs: 3.0 million unique compounds), and a bit less frequent updates with another 6 suppliers: (AnalytiCon, Key Organics, InterBioScreen, Mir Biotech, Princeton BioMolecular Research, Vitas-M Laboratory: an additional 1.1 million compounds).
MolPort available compound database summary
Quick Order products can be orders online at without getting a quote from MolPort first.

What does it mean to you, the buyer? Buying one of any of the 3.0 million compounds that we update daily is nearly guaranteed it will be in delivered. An additional 1.1 million compounds can be bought nearly as reliably as their warehouse inventory is known too. So if you come to MolPort for screening compound sourcing, we will give you a quick, reliable and simple quote out of 4.1 million compounds. Just place an order and wait for the delivery. A quote covering 18 screening compouns suppliers and 4.9 million compounds is almost as easy, but it takes 1 to 2 business days to prepare it (we confirm compound availability). Of course, we will still do a comprehensive search of our database of 9.7 million compounds offline, if you will request. 
And you can get this information not only at the ordering time, but at any stage of your virtual screening project by using our compound availability webservices. Now it works with InChI keys as well.
Here is the list of MolPort online chemical shop suppliers and when their catalog was updated.


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