February 17, 2012

Stock products, made-to-order products and other availability nuances

You want to get our order quickly and in full. Therefore during the ordering process it is important to know if supplier has the particular product in their warehouse and what is the available quantity. But many suppliers have catalogs of compounds that they don’t currently stock but will make it when an order will come in. Of course, these synthesis orders are not as reliable as stock product orders and they often are longer (synthesis takes some time after all). So all compounds can be divided into two large groups:
 A. Stock product – This compound is in the supplier warehouse and can be shipped out promptly;
B. Made-to-order product– This compound will be made when the buyer will place an order for it.

Made-to-order products are often also called virtual or tangible compounds.
Another factor that affects ordering efficiency is whether the supplier has integrated with the Molport online shop (see forum question: Why you show price for some sellers but list others lower without prices?). You can order any compound through Molport, but if the supplier has not integrated with our shop, we need to verify the current availability and price of the product. While it usually takes one business day, it does make ordering longer and less efficient. So both Group A and Group B can each be divided into two subgroups:
1) Easy order item – Standard packing sizes of this product can be quickly ordered for the displayed prices and shipping charges;
2) Quoted items – To order these compounds you would need to send us a request. We need to verify its latest price and availability. On average, it only takes one business day.

So when I combine both of these factors, I get the following groups of products:

In the search results we want to make it easy to recognize to which group each of compound belongs. We want to add tags.

How would you name each group in 1 to 3 words!?

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