February 21, 2011

Order online, pay with a credit card

It's now possible to quickly and easy order chemicals directly from our new online shop. The Molport shop has over 1 million compounds on hand for immediate delivery and an additional 8 million available for you by special order with no additional stress.

What is so special about Molport? Products are listed with prices (including shipping and handling), expected shipping date, and other essential information. There is no need to call or email us to ask for a quote or confirm the price. All information is listed there - online. See these examples: (2-chloro-N-(3-fluorophenyl)acetamide, 4-Hydroxycoumarine, 2-(1H-benzimidazol-2-yl)ethanamine). Simply find the compound, select the desired quantity and add it to the cart! You can pay with a credit card too. Your order will be processed swiftly and sent out to you. If you don’t think this is anything special – that is how most online stores work, you obviously haven’t shopped for rare chemicals often. But essentially, we agree with you – this should be the norm for ordering chemicals, not the exception! After all, that’s why we‘re building our store!
Not only is the ordering process fast and simple, you can also order products from multiple suppliers in one order. Currently, we list 10 supplier catalogs and 1.3 million unique structures. Many of these compounds are only available in small quantities for screening purposes. But we also list unique building blocks. We are working to add more catalogs and expand the selection of compounds. Catalogs in the store will be updated frequently with the latest information from suppliers about compound availability.

Do chemicals cost more if ordered through Molport? No. All prices are supplier direct prices. There are no additional costs you have to pay Molport.

Molport also offers an optional service to combine shipments from multiple suppliers into a single delivery. This service is useful when ordering larger number of screening compounds. We will receive packages from all suppliers in your order in our warehouse and then will forward them on to you in a single package with clear documentation. For EU customers, the package will arrive directly to the lab with all customs formalities already taken care of by Molport. For customers outsidethe EU, it is simpler and cheaper to take care of customs formalities for one package than, say, nine. However, this package consolidation service is completely optional.

How about the 8 million compounds that can be found in Molport database but are not in the shop? You can still order them almost as easily. Simply fill out the quote request form and we will get back to you within one or two days with a clear quote that lists available purchase options.

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